Worst Food Items for Your Teeth

Our parents and our grandparents advises us to not to eat some types of food which makes your teeth worse.  We didn’t listen to them at that time but we now realize that they told us the reality. What are all the food items they have told us at that time? Below given are some of the worst food items that affect your teeth. Yes now you are thinking about sweets and other thing, you are right.

        Dried Fruits:  Dried fruits are healthy but it makes problems to your teeth. Dried fruits have high sugar content in them and they can be easily stuck on to your teeth while chewing. Proper cleaning of tooth is required in order to protect your tooth. If the food particle gets stuck on to your tooth then it may affect your tooth enamel. Which eventually leads to tooth decay?

      Cool Drinks: As per the surveys and research, dental researchers says that most of the dental problems caused to children’s and adults are because of the usage of soft drinks or cool drinks which are high in sugar concentration. Consuming these drinks will make the sugar to make contact with your tooth and then sugar converts into acid which decreases the enamel quality. Consuming drink with high sugar content will also make your mouth dry, which will stop the natural cleaning of your tooth with the help of saliva.

        Sweets and Candies: Sweets and candies are highest in sugar content. Some of the candies and sweets are harder to chew which helps it to stuck on to the tooth which break downs the enamel on your tooth and making it vulnerable.

Basically food items with high sugar content are the enemy of your tooth’s enamel. And Biting on to harder food items will also affect the enamel strength. So what makes your mouth healthy? The answer is water. Water helps to clean your tooth, and helps in oral hygiene. 

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