Avoid 5 bad Habit for Dental health

Use of Toothbrush in Long Term
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After normal wear and tear, your toothbrush will become frayed and less effective at removing plaque and bacteria. Replace your toothbrush so that you're cleaning your teeth and gums with bristles that are up to the task.

Chewing on pens and pencils
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This habit can actually wear down the edges of your teeth. It can even cause a fracture. If you must chew on something, try a carrot or celery stick.

No brush right after a meal
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Chew sugar-free gum. This stimulates saliva, which helps to dilute acid and dislodge food particles from the mouth.

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Smoking leads to yellow teeth, the increased buildup of plaque, and bad breath. Smoking also increases your risk of oral cancer. Quitting goes a long way toward protecting your oral health. For inspiration to quit, watch this video on the health and cost benefits of quitting smoking.

Not Eat for oral health.
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Choose foods rich in vitamin C such as leafy vegetables; foods with folic acid including spinach and broccoli; and foods with vitamin B12 such as dairy and meat. Dairy foods also contain calcium and yoghurt have phosphates that can help remineralize teeth.



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